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We’re a team of travel addicts that love to hit the open roads and explore. We also love tech - so we married the two together and had a baby, MyCampervanHire.

Types of Campervans & Motorhomes We Offer

We know our clients have their own unique personalities on how they like to drive, the amount of people they’ll be bringing and the size campervan they’ll want.

We understand, we have access to a range of campervans and motorhomes that are individually unique - so our job is to match the right campervan and motorhomes to clients depending on their needs.

See below for a range of campervans and motorhomes we have access too.


Sleeps 2 people and is typically a converted minivan, however the higher end 2 berths have showers & toilets on board.


Sleeps 3 people and are typically hi-top vans, where there’s two beds in the back and one above just behind the driver's seat.


A larger version of a 3 berth, a berth sleeps 4 adults where the bed above the driver can sleep 2 adults. Contains a full shower and toilet on board with cooking facilities.


Sleeps 6 adults with 3 double beds on board with a shower and toilet, among the largest campervans in the fleets here in New Zealand.


For those that enjoy the finer things in life, we have access to a range luxury campervans & motorhomes for all sizes.

We built MyCampervanHire to solve a huge challenge in the market - hiring and renting motorhomes and campervans that have all of the modern amenities you’d expect to have when traveling around New Zealand.

Not only that, but to have access to a full range of campervans and motorhomes:

  • 2 berth
  • 3 berth
  • 4 berth
  • 6 berth
  • Luxury campervans & motorhomes

Some campervan and motorhome companies may have a few but not all of the options, so it leaves you to have to scour the internet and hope you’ll come across something you’ll like.

We solve that with MyCampervanHire - our database of partners covers all established campervan hire companies and the new and up an coming motorhome outfits with a twist.

Our platform sorts through the pricing and reviews giving you only the campervans you’re wanting on dates you want to travel.

Our Campervan Deals page has all of the latest deals our partners are offering, long campervan hires seem to fetch the best deals for those thinking about hitting the roads for a few weeks.

There’s nothing like going from the bottom of the South Island and catching the ferry across to the North Island and going all the way to the top.

Driving up on either the east coast or the west coast side in your campervan hire, you’ll get the opportunities to enjoy the Maori culture & have incredible ocean views.

New Zealand welcomes Freedom Campers which means unless there’s a sign saying you can’t stay at a location overnight - the countryside is yours, you can park up your campervan or motorhome and wake up to million dollars views.

If you’re in a fully self contained campervan, you can use Dump Stations spread throughout the country to empty your waste and shower/toilet water - they run 24/7 and they are free to use.

The New Zealand government embraces domestic and international travellers, making available campsites at our National Parks, Dump Stations, i-Site stations throughout the country.

Our National Parks like the Able Tasman are among the most incredible places you’ll ever visit, rich in culture and wildlife - the history behind these historic landmarks dates back to the original invasion by the British crown and the fall of the indigenous Maori people.

It’s difficult to put into words the beauty you’ll be able to explore in your campervan hire when traveling throughout the country - the Waitomo Caves are just something out of a movie, you’ll witness jaw dropping natural phenomenons as you go through the caves in a small boat soaking up the bright lights.

In Queenstown you’ll be in awe by the surrounding mountains in the Autumn and even more in the Winter - 4 different ski fields within a 45 minute drive, you’ll never run out of adventures.

Driving around in your campervan hire or motorhome rental will give you memories to last you a lifetime - and that’s why MyCampervanHire exists, we’ve built a platform to allow you to hire the correct campervan or motorhome and catch these memories money can’t buy.

We’ve experienced the awesomeness of traveling the New Zealand roads in our campervans, been on the most incredible tours & adventures you could dream of and we want you to experience it too.

Hire a campervan or rent a motorhome today and capture memories you’ll be able to share with your great grandchildren.



2018 was a monster year for New Zealand tourism with just over 14m travelers coming in to experience the wonders we have to offer.


Pulling up to a nice camping spot by the beach or national parks is definitely a joy travelers and Kiwis alike enjoy - an awesome perk of living in this great country.


The lust to truly experience New Zealand is alive and well, with another monster year for the campervan & motorhome industry. Traveler love hiring campervans and we know you will too.


The No.1 way to see the country is to travel in style using one of our campervan hires or motorhome rentals. The data proves it & we've experienced it.

Campervan & Motorhome Rentals Insurance

While you’re on the open roads traveling in your campervan hire or motorhome rental you may incur a couple scratches and fender benders - you don’t want to be paying for these repairs at the local panel beaters.

Opting in for more comprehensive insurance packages when hiring a campervan or motorhome allows you to have a piece of mind on travels that you’ll be covered if anything happens (your campervan catches fire or stolen, you back into a tree etc.) is covered.

On every basic insurance package you’ll have a high excess (possibly $7500) - as you move through the insurance offers you’ll have an increase in daily campervan insurance fees however you’ll have additional coverages and 0 excess.

Whenever we travel in our campervan we always get the most comprehensive insurance package - and we recommend the same to all of our clients.


Our purpose and passion is to serve clients we have the opportunity to work with, helping them have the most fantastic road trip they’ve ever had and capture memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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We have partners all throughout the country that can cater to your needs, and that’s why we believe you should work with our team to hire your campervan or motorhome rental.

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