What's Freedom Camping and why it's awesome.


We'll explore what Freedom Camping is and some rules you'll need to follow to ensure you and everyone else that Freedom Camps after you can enjoy the natural beauty of New Zealand.


To go Freedom Camping essentially means you can stay off the grid, you'll need to be living in a campervan or motorhome that's fully equipped with a bathroom and shower.

With the latest changes in local laws, to be eligible to Freedom Camp you'll need enough provisions for 3 days - and your campervan or motorhome needs to have enough room available to handle 3 days worth of water/waste.

You also can't dispose of your waste on site, you'll need to dispose at a Dump Station.


Littering is against the law and can incur a instant $200 fine.

We like to keep New Zealand clean and really want to encourage visitors to pick up any rubbish surrounding their campsite to leave it clean for the next traveler that may venture into the same location.

Food litter, general rubbish and empty containers all need to be removed - deposited into an actual rubbish bin at the nearest township.


Not every location is available for Freedom Camping unfortunately, from time to time you'll come across a sign that has a campervan/motorhome with a cross through it - this indicates the location you're in isn't available for Freedom Camping and you can't stay there.

You can definitely visit for a few hours, but that's the limit - any longer and especially if you stay there overnight you'll be fined.