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Hiring your campervan in Auckland is awesome, arriving at our biggest city you have some incredible options to head up north and explore Whangarei and even explored higher to the very peak - both sides of the coasts are just incredible and filled with beaches you can park up at and relax.

Even within Auckland there’s holiday parks you can stay at from within the city, on the North Shore and further South and explore the cities vibrant attractions and activities.

The Sky Tower is the most obvious, it’s the cities iconic building that signals our presence on the world stage - and the views from the top are second to none.

Seeing the entire city from that level makes you realise there’s a lot to do while you’re in Auckland, from the War Museums to Marine Museums, parks and theaters you have an abundance to keep you busy while traveling around in your campervan and motorhome.

If you’re a food lover, you need to try Winona Forever, the food is Instagram worthy and it tastes crazy good.

Parkings horrible, but that’s natural across Auckland - Winona is worth it once you’re inside.

If you’re into the outdoors you should definitely the various parks and hiking tracks we have spread throughout the wider Auckland region - the most famous being the Brick Bay Trails.

Park up, grab some water and go for a hike. The fresh air and scenery is magic.

For dinner there’s so many places you can visit, for me there’s nothing that outshines One Tree Grill. The venue, service and food, it takes you to another level and thankfully parking is available for your campervan.

Once you’ve eaten and explored some of the parks, the next step is venture south and visit some of the other beaches in the Coromandel, Hobbit town and the Waitomo caves.

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Campervan & Motorhome Parks in Auckland

There are plenty of options for you to park up your campervan in the Auckland region, below we'll explore the top locations for you to stay.

Campervan & Motorhome parks in Auckland.

You have a tonne of options to stay at in Auckland, but the best are:

Freedom Parks in Auckland you can stay

There's a few awesome freedom camping spots around Auckland that even have public toilets for you to use:

  • Gulf Harbour Car Park
  • Rays Rest Camping Reserve
  • Te Toro Scenic Reserve

Auckland really does have some awesome freedom camping spots for your campervan and motorhome to park up for free.

Best bar with the cheapest happy hour beers

You definitely want to pop in and visit The Bluestone Room while you're traveling in Auckland - there's nothing like having a cold brew and enjoying some music.