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Hamilton is in the heart of the mighty Waikato region that’s one of the up and coming cities in New Zealand.

We know you’ll love it here.

The first attraction you need to see is the Hamiltons Botanic Gardens - pulling up in your campervan hire you’ll enjoy the walk around Hamilton's leading garden grounds and fountains.

The various garden designs are inspired by different cultures and nationalities from around the world - we know you’ll love and maybe you’ll find a design from your country?

The Ruakuri Cave just an hour outside of Hamilton is one of New Zealands best kept secret.

The biggest underground cave walks we have, you’ll get to come up close to the glow worms, hear the thunder roars of the close by waterfalls and venture into a world previously unknown.

What ever you do, don’t miss Hamilton - pull in with your campervan hire and enjoy.

If viewing a world from the air is your passion, there’s a helicopter charter that will help you get to White Island.

It’s New Zealands very own active volcano, the helicopter will take you from Hamilton and drop you off right on top - I haven’t been, but from what I can see it looks like another planet.

Thrills that will shake you to your core. It’s an old mining island, and you can still see huts where the lads worked.


On your way out of Hamilton you have several places where you can travel.

North East is Waihi, an incredible beach on it’s own - almost a world away from civilisation, but only 30mins from Tauranga.

South, you have the line that will take you all the way to Wellington - you can go down the East coast and visit the small town on the way venturing into the beaches when they arise.

The other side of the North Island takes you into the Taranaki region, equally as awesome.

Venture into Hamilton dear traveller, and bring your campervan too.

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Facilities you can expect in each Campervan & Motorhome you rent

Every vehicle you hire through us is slightly different, but they all have these core basics - we wanted to let you know what you can expect at a minimum. Everything else is a plus.


Our campervans & motorhomes come with air conditioning and heating - so you can stay cool calm and collective on your road trip throughout the country.


At a minimum each of our campervans & motorhomes includes room for 2 beds, and scales all the way up to 8 beds.


Each of our vehicles includes bowls, knives, spoons, forks and plates - every cutlery you'd need to enjoy a road trip.

Power Supply

You can enjoy your road trip without plugging in, that's why every campervan & motorhome includes a 240v power supply - your phone & laptop deserve it.


We know having a sink is vital to keep your cutlery clean, so we ensure it's included in every campervan & motorhome.


Keeping your food cool and fresh is a given while on a road trip so we've included a small fridge in every vehicle.

Gas Stove

We include cooking facilities in every campervan & motorhome, cooking a fresh meal looking over the ocean - there's nothing else like it.


Every vehicle is Automatic, we don't want you thinking about changing gears - only enjoying the scenery of this beautiful country.

Our Campervan & Motorhome partners we work with in Hamilton

Awesome activities and food places for you to visit in Hamilton.

Campervan & Motorhome Parks in Hamilton

All along the Waikato river there's holiday parks you'll be able to find and stay while you're travelling throughout - Freedom Camping spots are inside and outside the CBD area so you'll never have to drive far.

Campervan & Motorhome parks in Hamilton you can stay

The Hamilton City Holiday Park is just outside the CBD and is Hamiltons leading campervan park for travelers coming into the city.

It has full facilities from showers, laundry and cooking - the park itself caters to caravans & campers alike so you'll be surrounded by like minded people.

Freedom Camping spots you can stay in Hamilton

In Hamilton you're spoiled for choices to Freedom Camp, the best places reveiwed by our travellers include:

Oparau Roadhouse -, you can even recharge your batteries here.

Piropiro campsite - you can even go hunting here if that's your thing, protected by the local DOC so you know it'll be kept clean all year round.

Blogs from our fans that have traveled in their campervans & motorhomes throughout Hamilton