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Taupo is the North Island's version of Wanaka - equally as beautiful and just as amazing.

Taupo is based around a lake, so you can bring your campervan hire and park it up - you may not be able to Freedom Camp right in the middle of town but you can definitely travel 10 minutes around the lake and stay there overnight.

Once you’re there, it’s an awesome place.

The Huka Falls is something out of a movie, incredible to look at and gives you an idea of how powerful nature is. You can hear the roar of the Huka Falls as it moves beneath your feet.

Venture onto the lake and take a boat over to the Maori Rock Carvings and view an incredible piece of art carved into the rock, 14 feet high in a traditional Maori artist.

If you’re a lover of water and thrills, you can take a Jet Boat down the Huka Falls - never been down it myself but from what I’ve seen it looks just as awesome as you’d expect going in a jet boat up the Shotover river.

To finish off your adventures you can drive your campervan hire and visit the Cliff Swings, where you tie yourself to a harness and freefall over the canyon and swing back and forth - don’t eat before, it’ll all come back up.

Taupo is a fantastic place to come and visit for travellers throughout and we know you’ll have a fantastic time freedom camping in your campervan hire - so come on in and explore.

On your exit, you’ll have plenty of options to choose.

You can head South onto Rotorua, or even over to the East Coast visiting Gisborne - both rich in Maori culture and we know you’ll love the drive.

Going further down the line takes you to Palmerston North, a small student town with a rich agriculture background and then onto Kapiti coast - some of the nicest beaches in New Zealand reside in this town.

Taupo's Cheapest Campervan Hire & Motorhome Rental Prices

Awesome activities and food places for you to visit in Taupo.

Campervan & Motorhome Parks in Taupo

Taupo is based around a lake, meaning you have a vast amount of holiday parks and Freedom Camp spots to park up and enjoy.

Campervan & Motorhome parks in Taupo you can stay

You can stay at so many awesome places in Taupo, our favorite places are:

All Seasons Kiwi Holiday Park Taupo - fully equipped and right in the forest close to walking trails.

The Great Lake Holiday Park is among the top campervan parks in Taupo, if you're not going to stay at the All Seasons - you'll love it here.

Freedom Parks in Taupo you can stay

You can park anywhere in Lake Taupo however below you can find the best places to stay:

REIDS FARM - it's close to the lake and comes with basic toilet facilities that you'll be able to use, there's always campervans and those in their tents so you'll never find yourself alone.

WHAKAIPO BAY RECREATION RESERVE - the next best option and here you'll find some incredible views for you to enjoy.