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Tauranga is a fantastic city just two hours away from Auckland - it’s a home away from home.

I personally love traveling there in my campervan hire, parking up on the waterfront - it’s magic.

There’s no better way to watch the sun go down or rise in the morning other than opening up the back doors to your campervan (or event sitting on the roof) and gazing at the incredible views of the Tauranga ocean views.

The first thing you need to do is walk up Mount Maunganui - it’s perhaps Tauranga's leading monument and you won't feel satisfied until you tackle that mount and view the entire town.

Tauranga is famous for its role in the making of The Lord of The Rings, and the Hobbiton movie set is just down the road (if you’re a fan you’ll love geeking out like Frodo).

From there you can visit the Waitomo Caves in Rotorua and see the incredible glow worms, or go through amd venture down the rivers of Tauranga is a raft maneuvering through the rapids down to the still calm lakes.

You could spend a week driving around in your motorhome rental throughout Tauranga and never get bored - it’s a town full of adventures for you to grasp.

A Tauranga trip isn’t complete without a helicopter trip around the entire city, coast to coast and around Mount Maunganui.

On your last night, dine at one of the fine dining restaurants overlooking the ocean - you’ll have an absolute blast and it’ll be the perfect finish to an already tremendous time.

On your way out of Tauranga, you can head east and follow the coast, driving close to the ocean as you make your way over to the East Cape - there’s a strong Maori culture and plenty to explore.

Further down is Taupo and Rotorua for you to explore and North West you’ll find Auckland with Whangarei beyond.

New Zealand is an incredible country for you to grasp memories from, go on intrepid, explore.

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Awesome activities and food places for you to visit in Tauranga.

Campervan & Motorhome Parks in Tauranga

Tauranga has a plethora of holiday parks for you to park up and stay at, close to the water, full facilities for your use and ready for you to explore the town, the ocean and activities.

Campervan & Motorhome parks in Tauranga you can stay

All along the beach you'll find campervan parks in Tauranga if you need them, you can always Freedom Camp throughout the region if you wanted - but these fully equipped campervan parks are just stunning.

Freedom Parks in Tauranga you can stay

The Tauranga Memorial Park is right on the water front and close to public toilets - you can park up here to Freedom Camp if you wanted.

Moturiki Island is another favorite of mine and is one of the popular beaches in Tauranga where campervan hires like to Freedom Camp and the locals visit.

Tauranga was built for campervan hires to visit and enjoy, you have an incredible amount of Freedom Camp locations to stay and they'll never disappoint.