We want to pay you for content.

We’re on a mission to support the traveling community one piece of content at a time.

Our Paid Contributor program was built to allow backpackers, traveling enthusiasts, our own campervan and motorhome clients to show the world their experiences by publishing content onto our blog. And get paid.

Blog Posts Content

We’re wanting blog posts content around 1200+ words.

Use your creativity & passions for your road trip experiences and transfer it into words - once our editors are happy with it (we may have some feedback), we’ll publish it and pay you the same day.

If you can take a photo and include it - even better.

Price we’ll pay you for a blog: $50

Video Content

If you can take videos on your phone of your experiences, we’d love to have your content.

Create videos promoting MyCampervanHire, we’ll send it through to our editors and publish - paying you the same day.

We won’t tell you what type of content to create, it’s not in our nature to tell you your creative process - send us your very best and if it’s up to our standards we’ll publish.

Price we’ll pay you for a blog: $50