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Christchurch is a city full of natural phenoms over recent history, with earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 shattering the city to its core - it’s been rebuilding ever since.

This brings new ideas, businesses and innovation to the area.

Seeing a city during its transformation is rare and we think you’ll love it here.

There’s plenty of Campervan parks for you to stay at and there’s sites for you to see and activities you’ll love.

Christchurch is full of hipster quality cafes you’ll enjoy & a vibrant arts scene.

Hiring a campervan or motorhome from Christchurch is easy, there’s a plethora of suppliers close to the airport and you’ll have your pick to choose from.

The Christchurch Adventure Park has some of the Southern Hemispheres action packed thrills from world renowned mountain biking trails to the worlds leading zip lines.

Park up your campervan at the bottom and let your adventure loose.

Once you’ve finished on the mountains you can go back to Christchurch's CBD and explore the city on an electric scooter and see how the rebuilding phase has been thus far.

Exploring Christchurch in your campervan or motorhome hire can only bring exciting times for the thrill seekers and the exploration for those that like to travel with leisure.

For those that like to explore the outdoors, Christchurch offers exploration on the various beaches on the coast, guided trips on the water for those that want to go Whale Watching & exciting helicopter tours for those that want to see Christchurch from the sky.

On the outskirts of Christchurch towards Akaroa there’s some amazing wineries that offer fully catered wine tours for couples and groups - enjoy incredible sceneries and rivers while you drink some of Canterbury’s best wine.

From Christchurch you have the option of going North towards the Nelson regions or further South towards Otago and the incredible Queenstown lakes.

Go and explore you intrepid traveler.

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Campervan & Motorhome Parks in Christchurch

Let’s be real: shopping for furniture can be a chore, in the worst sense of the word. Driving from store to store, forgetting measurements, walking past so many sofas that they all start to look the same…Sound familiar?

Campervan & Motorhome parks in Christchurch you can stay

Christchurch is a fantastic city for campervan holidays and they have holiday parks that live up to the hype - among the best is South Brighton Holiday Park (

They have top of the line cooking facilities and showers should you need them on your stay. Great community of campervan travelers.

Freedom Parks in Christchurch you can stay

You're able to Freedom Camp any where in Christchurch apart from the CBD and 2km radius - apart from that you're away.

That's how awesome Christchurch is for your campervan hire and goes to show how well they welcome campervan travelers.

There's beaches and national parks in all directions of Christchurch, you'll have an adventure of a life time.

Go and enjoy my intrepid traveler.