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Cromwell has natural beauty which is overwhelming. Cromwell is home to the best wineries in the world. If you are craving for an awesome road trip then there is no better place to start your unique self – drive adventure than in Cromwell.

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Drive out of Cromwell in any direction in your campervan, and you will find more of what the South Island has to offer! Cromwell has the most amazing beach known as Lake Dunstan it is a fresh area for swimming, fishing, sailing and doing water sports in summer.

It is additionally home to the famous Highland's Motorsport Park, a well-known fascination with activities for the entire family.

Cromwell's focal area makes it an amazing base for investigating the more extensive Central Otago region, taking into consideration simple day treks to adjacent towns, for example, Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka and Clyde.


While you are travelling around the city, travelling in an unknown area can be daunting, especially when you have a low fuel. But no need to worry, Campermate has got it covered for you.

Campermate is New Zealand’s most popular free travel application that shows you nearby locations of everything from petrol stations to dump stations while travelling in a campervan.

With Campermate’s online map you can easily reach your destinations on time and never get lost.

While travelling you can also get access to free Wi-Fi spots located around the city like Spark Wi-Fi, Cromwell PostShop Wi-Fi many other areas using Campermate’s app.

To maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the city there are several waste disposal bins and dumping stations located around the city where you can get rid of your waste like, PDS Cromwell, Cromwell Transfer Station and many more. You can also find them easily on Campermate’s app.

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Awesome activities and food places for you to visit in Cromwell.

Cromwell has many beautiful and breathtaking places to visit. Museums, parks, beaches, zoos, shopping markets there are so many places for you to explore the beauty and nature of Cromwell. Here we have listed some of the famous places in Cromwell to make your travelling experience more exciting and adventurous.

Campervan & Motorhome Parks in Cromwell

If you are looking to do some camping in Cromwell, then you can find some great sites in and around the city where you can stay. Cromwell’s campsites and parks provide an affordable accommodation option for the whole family.

Campervan & Motorhome parks in Cromwell you can stay

Some of the best value and well equipped campervan parks are right here in Cromwell. You can also find campervan sites easily through Campermate’s app. Here we have listed some scenic camping sites for you to stay.

  1. The Chalets Holiday Park (

Cairnmuir Motor Camp (

Freedom Parks in Cromwell you can stay

Freedom camping is a great way to save money while travelling around Cromwell. Cromwell has very limited but beautiful freedom parks for your campervan. Some are listed below.

  1. Lowburn Harbour Overnight Campervan Parking (
  2. Bendigo Picnic Area (

Champagne Gully (

Dump Stations you'll enjoy watching in Cromwell

If you are thinking about how to get rid of your waste from the campervan then no need to worry, Cromwell has a lot of dump stations for proper waste disposal. You can also find them through Campermate. Some are listed here.

  1. PDS Cromwell (
  2. Cromwell Transfer Station (
  3. BP (

Cromwell Transport & AllWaste Cromwell (

Blogs from our fans that have traveled in their campervans & motorhomes throughout Cromwell

“Cromwell is home to some of the best wines in the world”. I must say that during my visit I realized that this statement is absolutely true. Cromwell is not only the world’s best winery place but it also has some amazing places to visit. The landscapes are amazing and beautiful. I visited the Wadsworth Falls State Park, it is one of the best hiking trails of Cromwell. They have beautiful stone bridges, big falls and little falls and picnic tables. I had a great time enjoying here with my family. I stopped by the Gibbston Valley which was a huge restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, a large cellar door, a gift shop and cheesery on site. Me and my family had the best dinner here and we were amazed by the taste of the food which was so fresh.

Cromwell has many sights to visit, we explored the SnowMoto New Zealand, Goldfields Horse Treks, Highlands Motorsport Park and marie velenski, every place had something incredible on its own. You can easily find these places through the Campermate app which was recommended by one of my friend. They are amazing in helping out throughout the tour and it is free as well.