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It doesn't matter where in the country you want to pick up your campervan or drop it off - we can cater to your needs.

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Nelsons a fantastic city to travel in your campervan hire with landmarks, museums and most importantly beaches to explore.

Only 2 hours away from Picton, Nelsons almost always the first city you explore coming across from Wellington.

Tahunanui beach is stunning, with car parks big enough to park your campervan there’s no excuse for you to explore the local beach and cafe culture in Nelson.

From Nelson you have some amazing adventures awaiting, in Marahau you have the option of travelling through the Able Tasman National Park and seeing the beauty of the natural forest.

On the way back you can kayak through to Kaiteriteri, swim with seals and dolphins before landing on the golden beaches and enjoying a meal at the local cafe.

Driving a campervan is the only way to truly experience the Nelson region & surrounding national parks.

With Campervan parks at every turn you’ll never run out of places to park up and rest for a few days combined with so many beaches where you can Freedom Camp - Nelson really is your oyster with a motorhome rental.

The Nelson region is ripe for Vineyards and your trip won’t be complete without going on a winery tour and tasting some of New Zealands largest wines.

With Mapua and Motueka a short drive away you’ll never get board with your campervan in Nelson.

And if you’re a fan of The Lord Of The Rings - you can take a helicopter ride and explore the lands of the Goblins.

Go on intrepid traveller, explore.

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Facilities you can expect in each Campervan & Motorhome you rent

Every vehicle you hire through us is slightly different, but they all have these core basics - we wanted to let you know what you can expect at a minimum. Everything else is a plus.


Our campervans & motorhomes come with air conditioning and heating - so you can stay cool calm and collective on your road trip throughout the country.


At a minimum each of our campervans & motorhomes includes room for 2 beds, and scales all the way up to 8 beds.


Each of our vehicles includes bowls, knives, spoons, forks and plates - every cutlery you'd need to enjoy a road trip.

Power Supply

You can enjoy your road trip without plugging in, that's why every campervan & motorhome includes a 240v power supply - your phone & laptop deserve it.


We know having a sink is vital to keep your cutlery clean, so we ensure it's included in every campervan & motorhome.


Keeping your food cool and fresh is a given while on a road trip so we've included a small fridge in every vehicle.

Gas Stove

We include cooking facilities in every campervan & motorhome, cooking a fresh meal looking over the ocean - there's nothing else like it.


Every vehicle is Automatic, we don't want you thinking about changing gears - only enjoying the scenery of this beautiful country.

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Awesome activities and food places for you to visit in Nelson.

Campervan & Motorhome Parks in Nelson

With Nelson you're spoiled with 4 separate towns just outside, all within a 45 minute drive and each of them filled with holiday parks for you to enjoy with your motorhome.

Campervan & Motorhome parks in Nelson you can stay

The No.1 favorite is Tahuna Beach Kiwi Holiday Park & Motel - just 10 minutes outside of Nelson and right beside Tahunanui you'll find a fully kitted out campervan park with modern facilities you'd expect and within walking distance from local restaurants and cafes.

The next best option is Nelson City Top 10 Holiday Park - just outside the CBD and close to the waterfront you'll enjoy another fantastic campervan park for your motorhome and within a 20 minute walk to the city.

Freedom Parks in Nelson you can stay

The best freedom camping sites in Nelson include:

Kawatiri campsite - controlled by the local DOC and even has disabled toilet facilities.

Robin Hood Bay - a 45 minute drive outside of Nelson but still a fantastic place for you to explore and stay for a few nights on your travel.

Blogs from our fans that have traveled in their campervans & motorhomes throughout Nelson